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EMS Muscle Stimulator Abdominal

EMS Muscle Stimulator Abdominal

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Warm Tips

1. This belt no need to change the gel!
2. Before use, it is necessary to spray a small amount of water on the silicone pad or wet the skin with water.
3. If your skin feels slight tingling during product use, it is normal. Because your skin is too dry, please moisten your skin with water first!
4. The device needs to be tightly attached to clean skin in order to work! Please ensure that the silicone pad is tightly against the skin to activate the normal operation of the device!


Type: EMS Muscle Trainer Belt
Color: blue
Modes: 10 types of modes and 39levels of strength
Power Supply: USB rechargable
Abdomen Belt Length: 116CM
Abdomen Belt Width:15CM
Arm Belt Length: 43CM
Arm Belt Width: 9.9CM
Leg Belt Length: 53CM
Leg Belt Width: 13CM


1) [USB charging & No NEED gel sheet ]
It is economical to use repeatedly. It uses a USB rechargeable type and does not require battery replacement. It can be charged from a laptop computer, mobile battery, smartphone charger, in-car power supply, etc.
2) [LCD screen]
The controller of the improved new model is equipped with an LCD screen. The mode and intensity are displayed on the LCD screen. When you wear it on your body and use it, you can check the operating state clearly (mode type, Massage strength).
3) [Strong model & easy to operate]
The abdominal muscle belt has 10 types of modes and 39levels of strength. The EMS abdominal muscle belt is equipped with an LCD screen that displays the mode and strength.
4) [Good quality material & efficiency training]
It is made of diving OK Cloth material. A healthy EMS belt made from conductive conductive cloth that does not burden the skin. Using the abdominal muscle belt for 20 minutes is equivalent to jogging 2000m, abdominal muscle training 30 minutes, and swimming 30 minutes.

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