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Fitness Aqua Bag

Fitness Aqua Bag

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The bags are all
, please fill it by yourself :)

You can put only water into the bag.

Please be sure you are using it on thesmooth floorotherwise the bag may damaged and please do notoverloadthe bag.

There is aMAX lineon the bag, please DO NOT beyond the line.

Due to strict international shipping law, to some countries, liquids areprohibitedto transport. So there might beno dyesin the package because we have removed away before shipping. If you like a colorful water bag, you may need to find a dye in your own country.

How to make it up?

1. Turn on the faucet, and put 1/3 water into the bag at first.

2. Use the inflator to pump up the bag.

3. Verify the air tightness.

4. If everything is okay, put more water into the bag and pump up again.


Including: 1 bag, 1 rule paper

Gender: Unisex

Age: 14+

Quality: High class

Color: Transparent

(Manual measurement +-1cm)

Net Weight(g):1100-1400g (+-20g)

Materials: PVC

More Pictures:

Ages under 14 may cause danger

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